Procession about to begin Babaluaye Festival 2014 Ile Iere CaribbeanThe Vernal Equinox/ Spring Equinox have arrived. Various spiritual and religious bodies in one way or the other have recognised the movement of the celestial monarch the sun. Some Orisa devotees and their organizations recognised and celebrated this ist 91 day journey of the celestial monarch.

Christians are celebrating and so to Hindus.

These celestial movements impact upon the location and placing of many Earthly Festivals. This past weekend Ojubo Orisa Omolu led by Awo Awurela Fakoyede hosted their 18th Annual Obaluwaye Festival and began at Egypt Extension Trace, Enterprise, Chaguanas with dance,drum, song, clapping, adura, iwure, ebo ati adimu.

Members of the wider Orisaq community were invited and some turned up.

The Council of Traditional Afrikan Chiefs of Trinidad & Tobago was also invited.

Appearing for and on behalf of the Council of Traditional Afrikan Chiefs of Trinidad & Tobago was OLUTO ALAGBA of the Council – Oloye Orawale Oranfe.

Oloye Orawale presented solidarity message on behalf of the Council and of his organization Egbe Onisin Eledumare. He was invited to also make a general presentation to those present and led in the ebo fun Esu which was accepted in one daa.

General opening prayers and incantations were made and litany followed, led by Awo AWURELA  in which Oluto Alagba COTACTT participated.

After these preliminary salutations, those gathered them assembled themselves for a procession through the community. The police escort were welcomed and greeted and members of Ojubo Orisa Omolu then began the salutations to open the road for the procession. Drummers mounted on a vehicle then began the invocation drum and chant for Esu and the procession began. The procession was very spirited, and the participants paused at several spaces to share greetings and blessings with members of the community and to also visit and salute other Orisa compounds along the way. Persons and business enterprises in the community were prayed for. The community was obviously happy and excited as the procession passed their homes and places of recreation and business. At one junction after special ritual , the sky opened to give a small amount of rain. This was when the temperature was about 91 degrees Fahrenheit . Enquiries revealed that the last time such an incident manifested was about eight years ( 8 yrs. ) ago.

Other persons either prayed for Awo Awurela where he stopped to greet the age, or received prayers and blessings from Awo Awurela Fakoyede. Persons were also anoited and spiritually attended to as the procession moved along.

When the procession completed it’s journey, the police escort were again thanked, and prayers and blessing offered to the officers accompanying the procession.

The compound was then ritually reopened for a new year once again.

Babaluaye manifested and entered declaring his happiness as the new ritual year reopened.

There was more drumming, singing, dancing, and an address by Agba Dion, Master Drummer and staunch promoter of Orisa tradition and practice.

Oluto Alagba Oloye Orawale Oranfe then had a private audience with Awo Awurela  and blessed him and the Festival and departed the Festival.

Reports coming in to this site indicates that all went well for the rest of the evening and the following day; where the Festival transferred to Ragoonannan Road, Mt. Moriah, Enterprise.

Once again the Administrators of this site ati awon elegbe Egbe Onisin Eledumare, continue to salute Awo Awurela Fakoyede ati Ojubo Orisa Omolu for their consistent and persistent efforts at promoting this Festival and Yoruba culture and practice.

May long life,good health, comfort, prosperity and happiness continue to be bestowed on all participants of this year’s Festival. May the cooperation and collaboration between Orisa organizations and fraternities continue to be strengthened and may we advance to positions of respect and honour here and elsewhere.

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