Former President ofthe RepublicTrinidad  & Tobago H.E. Chief Olokun Igbaro Ife

Former President o the Republic Trinidad & Tobago H.E. Arthur  Napoleon Robinson Chief Olokun Igbaro Ife

The  Orisa Olokun, should be an important Orisa  to a people whose place of  domicile is an island. Hundreds of years ago, thousands of miles away we came on  a journey to re-people the Americas after contact with Europeans had decimated the populations of the Americas.

Ours was the  task of saving a dying economy that couldn’t float had  it not been for our free and forced labour.

We bore  with patience and  dignity the indignity and  atrocity of the situation and took relevant action to release ourselves from the  shackles of Chattel Slavery, where others determined our destinies and treated us as property.

Our actions  coupled with the support of others particularly the indigenes/indigenous populations that we met here resulted in what we now call Emancipation and Flag Independence.

Today many remnants of colonial thought and practice remains entrenched in our societies. Many of our people whether at home or abroad have to fight for social equality and recognition on par with other races in the  various societies in which  we are.

Among the many factors that contributed to our survival and excellence was the strong faith and commitment we demonstrated to our Ancestral ways,paths,norms and traditions.

In Republic Trinidad & Tobago,THE WAY OF THE ORISA  REMAINS ALIVE.

EGBE ONISIN ELEDUMARE, has been a most significant  medium for carrying forward the traditions left for us by our Ancestors.

The organization pioneered formal recruitment classes for would be initiates and moved the tradition from water baptism to Orisa initiation rites.

This year as we celebrate Olokun related to planetary memory and beginnings,we thank all those human beings  who have contributed  positively to our development and  continuing growth. To the many awon Babalorisa,Iyalorisa, Babalawo,Iyanifa, revolutionaries,drummers,entertainers,dancers,kaiso and rapso artistes we  say thanks.

Among the fruits reaped in the struggle was the honouring of former President and Prime Minister of Republic Trinidad & Tobago H.E. Arthur Napoleon Robinson as Chief Olokun Igbaro Ife by former Ooni Ife Oba Sijuade Okunade Olubuse II.