DSC02640Trinbagonians have just completed African History Month. Egbe Onisin Eledumare hosted a successful web celebration utilising both face book and this medium. We now prepare to close one year and usher in yet another. Many societies have their rituals and ceremonies of closing and opening.At EGBE ONISIN ELEDUMARE, we open our ritual year with Odun Ijesu ati Iwude Ogun.

As some persons may be aware the ruling  awon orisa at EGBE ONISIN ELEDUMARE are Ogun, Oranfe , ati Sango.

EGBE ONISIN ELEDUMARE , as a direct consequence of the African cultural renaissance that was triggered by the 1970 Black Power Uprising, was the first orisa organization to celebrate the Odun Ijesu ati Iwude Ogun in Republic Trinidad & Tobago.

The Festivals that incorporated aspects of traditional Yoruba, Igbo  and African American inputs along with our established Yoruba spiritual practices have now grown to influence the celebration of the  New Yam in other orisa organizations in Republic Trinidad & Tobago.

The Festival allows for the re – covenanting with the celestial powers and eegun as the organization prepares for it’s onward journey into the future.

Ebo,masquerade,drum, song, dance, food, entertainment all constitute significant aspects of the Festival. Many items are offered in thanksgiving for the prosperity and well being of the previous year and in anticipation of the prosperity and well being of the incoming year. Items offered include, adie,agbo,ewure, atare,orogbo,oti, ogogoro, obi gnanga,obi abata, isu, garden harvested products and items  etc.

The principal orisa focuse on during this Festival is Orisa Oko, whose aspect as farm and agricultural scientist,technician and expert in all farming and agricultural affairs is invoked ,in addition to the anti injustice aspect of Orsa Oko. At Egbe Onisin Eledumare both masculine and feminine principles associated wit Orisa Oko, are nurtured and elevated.

The Festival normally marks the end of the rainy season and the harvest of the yam. Other factors are taken into consideration and in consultation with orisa through divination processes the dates for the Festival are determined.

The Festival this year will be held from Saturday 22nd. December – Friday 28th. December,2012. This year we are closer to tropical year accuracy in celebration of our Festival. According to gregorian calendar year computations Winter Solstice,  shall this year fall on December,21, 2012.

At the Festival, rituals, iwure,se orisa, adura are made in the interest of our Nation and community.

All are welcomed to join us at the Festival. Keep posted to this site for further updates and details for this year’s Festival.

Nigerian States where Yoruba is spoken.

Nigerian States where Yoruba is spoken. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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