Oloye Ogunrinola of Ile Ife Shrine Leader at Ile IsokanThe Annual Egun Festival hosted by Ile Isokan at Niles Trace, Febeau Village on Sunday 8th February, 2015  was a tremendous success.

Republic Trinidad  & Tobago since the ” 1970 Black Power Uprising ” have seen a progressive readaptation and reclamation  of African traditional spirituality manifesting amongst the practitioners/devotees of the African derived/ centred spiritualities.

The festival is hosted by Ile Isokan each year to honour the memory of Hilary Cathgrant George in whose lineage Shrine leader Oloye Ogunrinola of Ile Ife – Chief  Lester Osouna  seen in photograh is a direct descendant.

Over the years, Elders, Dominic and Sonny fully participated in these events that have marked a progressive rejuvenation of the spiritual center that was once called the ” Dollies “. Several Elders of the Orisa community shared fond memories at this compound. Among them Babalorisa Arthur Monsegue one of the original Elders on the National Council of Orisa Elders of Trinidad & Tobago.

Republic Trinidad & Tobago experienced a resurgence and re – emergence of Egun tradition and practice when H.R.H. Aina Olomo relocated briefly to Republic Trinidad & Tobago and was able to create an Egun fraternity in Gasparillo Trinidad. Among some of the participating persons in that early process were Agba Babatunji Bandele, Abegunde Anthony Samuel, Babafemi , Owusu Kojo, and others who helped to acquire some of the knowledge and disseminate the acquired knowledge to other persons who became initiated into the Egungun Society.

This year’s Egun Festival had a healthy turn out of individuals and organizations including representation from Ajo Ofuwa Ile Ire ati Ile Aloubera- Council of Traditional Afrikan Chiefs of Trinidad & Tobago, the Pai Atakosang of the First Nations Community .

The atmosphere was charged with positive vibrations and prayer and ritual were engaged before the street procession led by the Egungun.

The procession returned to the Orule where there was entertainment that featured Allison Bernard. This was particularly appetising and it is nice to see that Orisa spaces in the country can now host what would have once been considered secular activities in the sacred space. The recent transformative revolution led by Egbe Onisin Eledumare now seems to be spreading throughout the Orisa community as many awon kpaale ati awon orule now conduct education classes, hosts cultural events and organizations, martial arts activities, yoga, and other events and activities.

The Ancestors pronounced individual and collective blessings and visits from orisa completed the event.

Very important  was the ritual of the First Nations community that have now become a regular feature in the all-embracing mode of the First Nation community that was initiated by Egbe Onisin Eledumare.

International guest were also present and participated in the Festival activities.

Long live Ile Isokan! Long Live the Elders. leaders and members of Ile Isokan. Long live our Ancestral Traditions.


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