The  sacred journey towards our destiny continues.

Certainly  thanks  is due to all who went before  us braving the  tides,ill opinions and  challenges of   a society that was intended  to have  us  as property.


Agba Delores Onisaru Alexander of the Popplewell family while on Earth managed the Kilimanjaro Kindergarten School  at Crystal Stream Avenue,Diego Martin. A beautiful  soul who  reached out  to  young working Mothers,some of  who  were not  legally married nor sometimes  even  gainfully  employed  but  who had  children that  needed  pre school training  and  education. Agba Onisaru  reached out to them  and assisted. Her principal source of supplementary  funds  to  run  the project -her two  sons Gerard and Keith. Gerard and Keith  wherever you are  to you  we say  adupe lopolopo- sincere thanks  and appreciation from  our heart and  soul  to you  two for  comforting and  supporting your Mother  even when it sometimes seemed that  it didn’t make  sense.

Chief celebrants at ASE ODUN OLOKUN at North Ile Ananani

AGBA ONISARU at this Ase Odun Olokun  we  REMEMBER YOU!

There were other  courageous  souls  that helped us to pioneer,sometimes  without even  an audience and few participants,many of us  unsure,but confident that our Ancestors did  similar to what we  were attempting  to  do and were not hurt, so we neither would not be hurt.

Peter Omitola Lawrence you were  one  who pioneered with us.In the uncertain moments  you  trusted our leadership.Today as a direct consequence of your  faith and trust in  us WE HAVE TRIUMPHED. ASE ODUN OLOKUN  HAS BEEN ESTABLISHED.THEY CAN NEVER TAKE THAT AWAY FROM US. THROUGH YOU FAITH AND COURAGE WE HAVE TRIUMPHED. We shall remember you at this year’s Festival.

We invite awon  omo Orisa pata pata  to join us.