Orisa drummers at ritual in Ile - Iere

The Havana Drum Festival honouring the memory of Guillermo Barreto  ( 1920 – 1991 ) is carded for March 6th.- March 13th. , 2011 at the Palacio de la Rumba in the municipality of Centro Habana, Republic of Cuba.

The Festival is being supported by the Cuban Music Institute and the Ignacio Pinero Music Center and is open to all Cubans and foreigners living in Cuba.

The event includes five categories :

1.  Drum set           2.   Snare drums     3 .  African drums    4 .  Bongos     5 .  African talking drums .

The drummers engage each others skills and virtuosity for the opportunity to win themselves an instrument in their category and specialty and for exemption of enrollment fees at the Virtual Drummer School . Other prizes and rewards from donors and collaborators are also at stake.

Their will be special prizes for the best women and children performances.

Guillermo Barretowasborn in Havana Cuba  and is reputed to have pioneered Cuban BEE – BOP JAZZ  drumming. He played with such popular groups as  Grupo Cubana de  Musica Moderna  and famous Cuban artiste / musicians such as Generoso Jiminez and Celeste Mendoza.

We  at EGBE ONISIN ELEDUMARE hope that Festivals of this nature will help keep alive the drum and percussion traditions that Cuba has become known for  and that the exercise will bring a greater awareness of the role and importance of traditional African drum instruments and percussion accessories utilised in world music.

May those worthy of recognition receive the recognition that they deserve.

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