At the caves of Gaspar Grande

Several years  ago  a young  and budding Orisa/African  sacred  science organization in Ile Ananai/Ile Iere ati Ile Aloubera – Republic Trinidad  and Tobago dared the Cosmos and began  a transformation  of African and Yoruba sacred science form and practice in  Republic Trinidad & Tobago.

Among the  visible  changes  and afikun  they made was the celebration of Olokun accepted by many as the “Monarch of all water”,Monarch of the Atlantic Ocean,Monarch of all seas.Monarch of all wetlands and Maritime  environments and all shore lands, swamps and even lagoons.

For many years now these celebrations have been conducted  by these pioneers and today some persons  in Yoruba sacred science  practice in Trinbago  now  have OLOKUN.

Our pioneers in the development  of this festival  included many courageous persons  who were willing to follow  and support these young pioneers in the  establishment of this Festival,that is still growing and transforming.

Among persons who demonstrated their  faith and  confidence in these young pioneers were Agba Kwasi Odinga ati Agba Babatunji Bandele who were blessed  for their contributions by having return visits to our Motherland and having initiations at different levels on the Motherland.

Another  trusting  soul and spirit is Agba Osunade “Mothe Brown” to some and Agba “Dom Martin” to others.

We salute these early pioneers and those who placed their trust, faith  and lives in the hands of these young pioneers. May you be forever blessed and remembered for your  roles in establishing this  Festival.

Join us on SUNDAY 1ST. OCTOBER 2017.