Millions of Ifa/ Orisa devotees worldwide celebrated the coming of OBARA OGUNDA to the Earth with the mission of restoring COSMIC  HARMONY to our planet.

All across the globe devotees were engaging the return of the Irunmole to Ile – Ife according to their understanding and the regional variations in welcoming this moment.

For several years now after the Odu has incarnated in Ile – Ife , Babalawo Solagbade Poopola ,Chairman Ethics and Scripture , International Council for Ifa Religion brings to us a well presented commentary on the verses of Ifa accompanying the Odu. This year as usual Babalawo Poopola has presented the verses accompanying the Odu, and we shall present his compilation in bits on this site. Here goes :


On Saturday/Sunday June 4/5 the Annual Agbonniregun Ifa Festival was held at Oke Itase Orunmila Temple, Ile Ife. During Ifa consultation, Obara Ogunda was revealed.

Ifa foresees Ire Gbogbo (All Ire of life).  Ifa says that ebo will enable all the ire to manifest.

By virtue of this Odu, and in cognizance of the fact that Ifa foresees ire, there is the need for all Ifa devotees the world over to propitiate their Ifa with two kolanuts, four bitterkolas, one hen and money each.  In addition to this, all those born by this Odu are expected to specifically ask Ifa what Ifa will take from them in order for all the Ire in their Odu to manifest in this year.




  1. Ifa assures all devotees that they are going to receive the blessing of all ire of life this year.  There is no exception in all the ire that devotees will be blessed with.  Ifa foresees ire of prosperity, compatible spouse, great children, properties, sound health, long life, contentment, and self actualization during the year.  Ifa says that the foundation of all these ire will be laid in one day.  Ifa however cautions that in this same year those who are envious of the achievements of all Ifa devotees will be very busy at work but they will all fail.  Ifa advises each devotee to offer ebo with two pigeons, two hens, two guinea-fowls, two roosters, two ducks, four rats, four fish, and money.  On this, Ifa says:

Ile san mi

Okoo san mi

Dia fun Akinsanmi

Tii somo Ikori-Aga

Eyi to debiti sile

Ti ko ri nkankan pa

Ebo ni won ni ko waa se

O gbe’bo, o ru’bo

Nigbati yoo rii

A-re-siwaju p’ogun

A-re-seyin p’ogbon

A-re-saarin gbungun p’aadota

O n’owo fa iti gbungbun

Igbin 16 tun  jade

Igbati o la’nu re haa

Oyin tun nkan sii le’nu

Yoo pada de’le

Iyawo to l’oyun ti bi ibeji

O ni aye oun wa dabi aye Alaafin

Ko pe, ko jinna

E wa ba ni ni wowo ire gbogbo



I benefit from home

And I also benefit in the farm

Ifa’s message for Akinsanmi

The offspring of Ikori-Aga

He who set a trap

Without killing any game

He was advised to offer ebo

He complied

Before he realized it

The front stroke of the trap killed 20 animals

The back stroke killed 30 animals

The middle stroke kills 50 animals

He pulled a creeper in order to use it as rope

Sixteen land snails fell down

When he opened his mouth in exclamation

Honey dropped into his mouth

When he returned home

His pregnant wife delivered a set of twins

He declared that his life is as rewarding as the life of Alaafin

Before long not too far

Join us in the midst of all ire of life


Ifa however enjoins all Ifa devotees never to tell lies and never to be found among people of questionable character.  Ifa insists that all devotees must be found of impeccable character.  Even when enemies rise up, they will be incapacitated by the might of the truth.


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