Oluto Alagba AjoOfuwa Ile Ananani atiIle Aloubera  with Ojise ObatalEdena Oloye Oriyomi Orisagbemi

Oluto Alagba Ajo Ofuwa Ile Ananani/Ile Iere ati Ile Aloubera with Ojise Obatala Edena Oloye Oriyomi Orisagbemi

ORISANLA! Obatala!  Another year  has arrived and members of Ita Oosa of 51 Alberto Street, Woodbrook,Ile Ananani/Ile Iere will be hosting OBATALA FESTIVAL 2017 from  Saturday 7th. January- Sun  8th.January2017 at their compound and surrounding  district to give thanks for the many blessings received  during the past gregorian  calendar  year and to also give thanks in  anticipation of the many blessings that will be  received in gregorian year 2017.

Over the many past years Ojise Obatala Edena Ile Ife Oloye Oriyomi Orisagbemi ati his family  have laboured in love to present to the  Trinidad & Tobago Republic  a Yoruba FESTIVAL CONVENED  AND PRESENTED IN LOVE AND WITH BEAUTY. Supported by Olorii Yemoo IRETIOLA  and the children and grand children of the household with a  few friends Ojise Obatal Edena – OloyeOriyomi Orisagbemi have developed  a family  ritual and observation to   a Festival LOOKED FORWARD TO IN ANTICIPATION BY MEMBERS OF THE NATIONAL ORISA  COMMUNITY in Republic Trinidad & Tobago.


Oloye Oriyomi.Oloye Orawale Oranfe and Ja Jah Oga Onilu were all members of Mau Mau School of Drums  where  they met at Bazilon Street, East Dry Rive,Port of Spain where they held  drum rehearsals.The  convening  site was then known as OBATALA IN THE RAW. Little the   did Njie Oriyomi Doyle dream that he  would  be Ojise Obatala Edena Ile Ife.

From these humble beginnings,Ojise Obatala then became initiated at Egbe Onisin Eledumare and went to Alkebu-lan –ILE IFE, where he was initiated in full into Obatala community  and received the title OJISE OBATALA EDENA ILE IFE.

Oloye Oriyomi is one of the  few active and participating  Chiefs of  The Council of Traditional Afrikan Chiefs of Trinidad & Tobago led by Oloye Orawale Oranfe Ife.

As of last year,the Festival which was formally presented  for  one day  moved to  a two day  presentation.

The Festival have been highlighted  both locally and Internationally and  the Editor in  Chief of Yoruba Sacredscience  Centre wishes to commend and congratulate Oloye Oriyomi Orisagbemi,Olori Yemoo Iretiola, and family as well as Ita Oosa for their continued efforts at raising the consciousness  and aesthetics of our National community through the presentation of OBATALA FESTIVAL.

The Administration and members of Egbe Onisin Eledumare also salute Ita Oosa  for it’s successover the years and for the deliberate cooperation between the members of the  both  organization in raising and promoting the levelof awareness of African and Yoruba sacredscience  here in Republic Trindad & Tobago and the Caribbean, and the world at large.

Long live Oloye Oriyomi! Long Live Olori Yemoo Iretiola! Long live Ita Oosa!

May this year’s Festival remain  peaceful.May there be  no untoward incident to  obstruct or mar the integrity of the Festival.May no one die  during the Festival May Orisanla  accept the offering.May all Orisa rejoice.May all Orisa commend those who worked,built and promoted the Festival