Oba Aala Irinidad & Tobago ati country Coordinator E.O.E at Odun Ijesu ati Iwude Ogun 2019

Oba Aala Trinidad & Tobago at Odun Ijesu Ile Durani 2019

Odun Ijesu ati Iwude Ogun is ongoing at Egbe Onisin Eledumare.

This year the festivals have been able to bring together those who may not have known who some of the contributors of the revolutionary concepts, and forms to our traditions are.

Not all the persons are young chronologically. Some may not have been participants in Orisa and Alkebu-lanese sacred science traditions  and others may not have been present in Republic Trinidad & Tobago during the most significant consciousness paradigm shift – The Black Power Uprising/Revolution of 1970.

Odun Ijesu ati Iwude Ogun is combined at Egbe Onisin Eledumare because of the significance of the both Orisa principles to our survival as a people on this planet.

Orisa Oko is an agrarian and agricultural technical science deity/Orisa that has grappled with issues of genetics – both plant and animal in efforts to increase food production and so sustain the lives of planetary inhabitants.

Ogun has provided the technical support and tools to facilitate the agricultural

Akuko adie dudu

revolutions that has led to food security in some communities and areas of our planet.

In pursuing its goal “Towards the Year 2045” Egbe Onisin Eledumare have pioneered collective and cooperative economics and food production projects. These have not been as successful as our Administrators hoped it would be. We are however we are satisfied that by example we have led the way and demonstrated that there is solution to our abject poverty, lack and exploitation by producers of food and suppliers of finances for us to engage our current economic systems.

In earlier times along with at least three other  Alkebu-lanese centered and based organizations we provided example.

Egbe Onisin Eledumare organized an Orisa devotees Credit Union and it was registered under the Cooperative Societies Act here in Republic Trinidad & Tobago.

Another organization the African Business Association also made efforts to organize the capital and financial resources of our people . Success Laventille Networking Community also made efforts. Even the National Joint Action Committee and Egbe Ilosiwaju Ile Alkebu-lan attempted educational and entrepreneur type enterprises to encourage our people along the way.

None of these really arrived at the peaks of success they could have arrived to had they been seeded in a conducive social and economic environment geared towards empowering all of its citizens.

Many Alkebu-lanese persons were steeped in images of”we cyah do business”‘.

So the battle continues.

Ogun Ijesu ati Iwude Ogun provides us with a platform to brainstorm, formulate, and tweak existing efforts.of our community.

Agba Esubiyi Olutoyin current Oludari Agbaiye Egbe Onisin Eledumare 2019 – 2022

There are two more days left as we celebrate Odun Ijesu ati Iwude Ogun 2019.

Come and join with us as we  collaborate as a community  to grapple with our issues and challenges co -jointly .

We invite old and young. organized and not so organized to come and join us as we celebrate.

The festival runs tonight from 7.00 p.m. – 9.00 p.m.

We conclude tomorrow from 8.00 p.m. – 12.00 midnight.

We thank all awon Oloye that have attended the festival thus far.

We in particular name Oba Aala Trinidad & Iobago – Oloye Oriyomi Ifagbenjo Orisagbemi, Oloye Ogunrinola Ile Ife, Yeye Apesin Obatala  Trinidad & Tobago  Chief Aina Olukayode.

We than YeyMeso Obatala who has kept abreast of our events from abroad,

We thank Ye Ye Aala Obatala who have also been keeping contact and hopes to visit before the festival closes. We thank Yeye Agboola Olomitutu Trinidad & Tobago Oloye Omotaiwo Ogunlade for her visit before the festival promising to join us.

All abroad who continue to show interest in our work and efforts we thank you.

We look forward to support from the Emancipation Support Committee, Caribbean Historical Society and the National Joint Action Committee.

We have invited canditates and political parties in our area contesting the Local government elections to attend.

We look forward to you all.