Oloye Ogunrinola of Ife Head of Ile Isokan

Oloye Ogunrinola Ile Ife – Chief Lester Osouna

For several years now Ile Isokan has been hosting its annual Ogun Festival at its Shrine’s Headquarters located at 8 Niles Trace, Febeau Village, Lower Santa Cruz, San Juan.

The Festival celebrates Ogun in his/its several attributes and manifestations, including those of  hunter, artisan, craftsperson, Lord of Truth and Justice and many more.

Oloye Ogunrinola has a  long background associated with African and Yoruba sacred science, having being guided by Agba Hilary Cathgrant Geogre in his early child hood at the said Compound he now leads.

Over the years,Oloye Ogunrinolahas received the support os his Uncles who show great pride that the Compound is still alive.

Oloye Ogunrinola returned to the sacred science responsibilities via Egbe Onisin Eledumare, from where he participated in “ Sacred Journey to Ile Ife”.On that journey Ogunbowale Alupaida – Lester Osouna was initiated into Ogun at Oke Mogun  Afin Oba, Ooni Ife, Ile Ife, Osun State, Federal Republic, Nigeria.

Oloye Ogunrinola is also a founding member of Ajo Ofuwa Ile Iere ati Ile Aloubera –  The Council of Traditional Afrikan Chiefs of Trinidad& Tobago.

Oloye Ogunrinola is strongly supported by his wife Yeye Ateyuase Olomitutu, Ido Osun, Osogbo – Olori Korenza Osouna and members of the Administration of Ile Isokan.

The general public and all Orisa Shrines, awon Ile, awon Kpaale,and awon Egbe ARE INVITED.

Ritual items  of offering are customarily accepted.

May the Festival manifest well. May Orisa hear and accept prayer and offerings.