Awo Awurela Adeloni Fakayode

Awo Awurela Adeloni Fakayode

The Trinidad & Tobago spiritual landscape, is filled with diversity, beauty, and power.Every year,persons of various spiritual traditions and cultural origins and backgrounds conduct their annual festivals to highlight and celebrate aspects of their traditions and cultural retainment and practices. Hindus celebrate Divali, Muslims Eid al Adha, Christians Easter, First Nations Peoples – Wara Waro and Nabarima ; and Amerindian Heritage Day, and Orisa devotees their several Odun Ebo fun awon Orisa ( Annual Renewal Feasts ) at their several Kpaale, Shrines, Ile, and awon Egbe.

Many of these festivities are filled with atmospheres of triumph and rejoicing as participants of the various traditions give thanks for continued life and prolongment of the blessings of life upon the Earth, and the opportunity to chart,rechart,or realign their courses on their Earth journey/ mission.

These festivals are all beautiful to behold.

Yesternight the Administrators of  this site took time to reciprocate with Awo Awurela Adeloni Fakayode and members of Ojubo Babaluaye Ile Ose’Tura as they continued in the celebration of their 18th Annual Odun Ebo at Egypt  Trace Extentsion , Chaguanas. Members of Ojubo Babaluaye recently supported EGBE ONISIN ELEDUMARE as  E.O.E. hosted their ASE ODUN OLOKUN 2013 at L’Anse Mitan, Gran Chemin, Moruga, a place dear to the heart of Awo Awurela Adeloni.

During our visit there Oloye Orawale Oranfe, – Otunba Atoodimu Isese Agbaye Worldwide Community led by Kabiyesi Erinsinba I – Oba Olusino Adekoya , was invited to speak on the First Nation Peoples of Republic Trinidad & Tobago. After formal ritual salutation to many Nations of First Nations Peoples of the Americas and some of the theological precepts that our own sacred science recommend, Oloye Orawale then spoke briefly of Karina, Warao, Wai Wai, Tolmecs, Incas, Aztecs and the symbiotic relations that developed between African persons and First Nations Peoples of the Caribbean, and Americas during the period of the physical enslavement of Africans in the Americas and Caribbean.

A period of Ancestral recognition and rituals followed, with favorite hymns used by the GrandMother of Awo Awurela highlighted.This session more embraced the Spiritual Baptist/ Shouter mode. This was then followed by a Yoruba Ancestral ritual and formal opening of the night’s rituals and proceedings of the Annual Ebo.

The energies were joyous as more and more people entered the ritual arena as the nights proceedings advance.

Before the Administrators of the site left Osain was already manifest on the head of a devotee.

There were many old acquaintances that I saw once again after a long period.

We at this site pray for the continued success of the Annual Ebo, and for blessings for all participants at the ongoing festival/ Annual Ebo.

Pai Atakosang Cristo Adonis

Pai Atakosang Cristo Adonis


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