Another year has rolled by.

Egbe Onisin Eledumare is fast approaching it’s 5oth anniversary as a formally constituted body and organization.

The road has been long.

There have been accomplishments, surprises and even disappointments.

Over our many years of engaging of our space here in Ile Durani/Ile Kairi ati Ile Aloubera we have pioneered , nurtured and promoted many concepts and practices that were new to our spiritual, social and cultural landscapes.

We were among the first as a grassroots Alkebu-lanese spiritual organization to create for ourselves a formal and written constitution to guide and conduct our affairs. Even internally there were some that were uncomfortable with such formal structures but today they too have patterned and are guided by our achievements as a formally registered organization  within the provisions of State law.

We have pioneered and shaped the format of many festivals now prevalent in our spiritual landscape as it relates to Alkebu-lanese practices, mores, norms and traditions.

Among the many concepts that we promoted and highlighted was the moving away from dependence on calculation of our sacred events based soley on the gregorian calendar that we met in use.

The dates for many of our practices when we entered our current spiritual and social order was mainly guided by the Roman Catholic religious calendar.Feast days were set in accordance with Roman Catholic feast dates  and our open period of engagement with Orisa was heavily colored and impacted upon by Roman Catholic cycles including Easter, Lent. Michaelmas and other  Roman Catholic practices and paradigms.

With the advent of the consciousness altering directly impacted  by the Black Power Uprising/Revolution of the late 1960’s and early 1970’s  many aspects of this dependency began to transform.

Egbe Onisin Eledumare has been and still is in the forefront of this ongoing transformation.

Oko Etura Iwori Ile Durani

Oko Etura Iwori Ile Durani

Among the concepts that Egbe Onisin Eledumare pioneered here was “Odun Ijesu ati Iwude Ogun”

As a direct consequence of the political view of the Black Power Uprising/Revolution 1970 Egbe Onisin Eledumare placed emphasis on land acquisition and food production. This consequently impacted upon the constitution of the divine celestial and spiritual beings/essences that would be drawn upon for support.

ORISA OKO entered our local community of Orisa.

Still today this Orisa is not well known throughout Trinidad & Tobago.

The commitment of our organization to this Orisa went as far as having one of our members initiated in Ile Ife into the practice and awo of Orisa Oko in Ile Ife and acquiring some of the tools and paraphernalia associated with Orisa Oko sacred science..

A location was selected and Orisa Oko was installed at both a farm site and our International Headquarters.

At the same moment we celebrated ODUN IJESU, we celebrated IWUDE OGUN, that in reality moved Ogun celebration from a private celebration of OGUN to a National celebration in its structure packaging and format.

Our administration will conduct some consultations over the next few days and announce to the world the dates for this year’s ODUN IJESU ati IWUDE OGUN.

Please remain attuned for the dates.