This is a philosophical story told many years ago by an Elder to a young person who was living in poverty and wanted to break the strangle hold of Poverty and invite Prosperity into her life.

The young woman was first given some advice about Prosperity.She was told that Prosperity was frivilous, and did not like settling one place too long.She was further advised that Prosperity loved a peculiar environment, and that if she wanted Prosperity to dwell a while in her space there was need to create/simulate that peculiar environment.The young woman was then cautioned that Prosperity needed to eat in order to live, and was given the peculiar food of Prosperity.

This having been accomplished the Elder prayed with the young woman so that she may be delivered at the most appropriate spot for arriving at Prosperity.

A magical wind came and took up the young woman and transported her immediately to a road and placed her at the side of the road. There was a traffic light there. The place at the side of the  road was at an intersection or junction where other traffic merged and flowed at that point.The young woman was amazed. She had been given the rules for crossing the  road.There was a demarcated section for safely crossing right where the young woman was placed.As we engage this story the young woman is still waiting to cross. Prosperity is still awaiting her at the other side of the road.

What went wrong? The wind whose name was Opportunity had delivered the young woman to the most auspicious and appropriate spot to cross the road. However on arriving there she began to pray again.There was no Divine response.What was needed was for the young woman to cross the road on her own effort –  Put the left foot forward,the right foot, follow with the left,then the right until she arrived at her destiny where Prosperity was .

May our Nation be not in this position.


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