Ogundekun Orisagbemi omo Orisa Ogun at Ase Odun  OLOKUN 2011

Ogundekun Orisagbemi omo Orisa Ogun at Ase Odun OLOKUN 2011

By water we came. By  water some of us leave this plane to return to the Source.

Condolences to the family, relatives, friends and acquaintances of Agba Ogundekun Orisagbemi, who has served his time on the Earth and has been called to account in the  Great Beyond.

Ogundekun Orisagbemi was a member of Egbe Onisin Eledumare .

He was initiated into our sacred science traditions and our organization and was consecrated to Ogun.

Ogundekun was a loyal and ambitious member of our organization.He did not like to be deterred from arriving at his goals or destiny that he had set himself.

He had many magnanimous ideas and persued these ideals,dreams and goals with great passion.

This sometimes required him to venture almost alone whensoever he did not get the immediate  support he solicited from friends and members of our organization.

During his sojourn with the organization, he encountered Akinola Ajibade “ObaKosso” with whom  he kept contact until Ajibade was called home.

Among the many projects and ideas that Ogundekun envisioned was a TransAtlantic exchange between kith and kin in the African Diaspora and those on the homeland.He had dreams of large agricultural projects that would be sustainable and feed and supply customers worldwide.

Ogundekun’s family were pioneers in the 1970’s in attempting to promote African cultural norms and values especially via entertainment and recreational facilitation.

Ogun masquerade from the presentation 401 meets 2001

Ogun masquerade from the presentation 401 meets 2001

Ogundekun was an active member of Egbe Onisin Eledumare decided to stage the Mas presentation ‘ 401 Meets 2001 “. Being an Ogun devotee he accepted the responsibility to portray Ogun in that presentation.Later when Otun Iyalode Ifakemi Aworeni Valerie Lee Chee decided to  stage her Gelede performance, Egbe Onisin Eledumare supported and again Ogundekun provided the vehicle for Ogun.

Ogundekun in his enthusiasm to see his goals manifest, migrated to Africa.He visited the continent with enthusiasm and faith that at the non governmental level that people could play a dynamic role and break the stagnation of Africa Diaspora travel and trade.

Like all human beings. Ogundekun had weaknesses.He made mistakes.He attempted to right those mistakes. He loved his family dearly.

Now that he has departed the physical abode we owe it to him to do the things that he was doing that were good.To make manifest the good goals and ideals that he strived to bring into existence.

As he prepares to journey,let forgiveness and compassion manifest wheresoever he was in error.Let us transform his life by right and correct ritual actions that he deserve as a member of our sacred science traditions.

As we commit this editorial to writing we are still without funerary rites details as all the members of his family work in harmony to ensure an honourable send off for Ogundekun.

May he be victorious.