1. OmoWale' Olaniyan

    I would be interested in seeing what you have to offer and what you need offered

  2. yetunde osunyemi somorin

    i am intresting in the science class

  3. Oloye Orawale Oranfe

    Alaafia! E kabo! Adupe!
    Thanks very much for visiting our site.These Sacred Science classes are intended for persons wishing to become members of Egbe Onisin Eledumare. These classes are conducted twice yearly. One class begins after the Vernal Equinox and the other after the Autumnal Equinox. The current classe began on 22nd September,2009. The classes are conducted in three phases. The first phase is open to all enquiring persons of good character. Persons desiring to enter the second and third phase must be approved by the Oracle.Our address is carried on this site. Classes are conducted on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 7 p.m._9 p.m. Ajustments are sometimes made to this schedule and participants are informed at classes.
    Adupe o!

  4. Oloye Orawale Oranfe


    On behalf of Egbe Onisin Eledumare, Isese Aer it is very figbaye Worldwide Community,and the Council of Afrikan Traditional Chiefs I take this opportunity to pay respects to the Indigenous people of our land. Historical situations and circumstances some of them painful and distasteful permitted our several peoples to share in the Destiny of these islands. However it is most appropiate on an occassion such as marked today to formally and publicly say thanks to the legitimate custodians of the sacred spaces of our land ADUPE LOPOLOPO!

  5. Alaafia’OOO

    The issue of the inclusion of “none-Afrikans”…Europeans , in “our Traditional Afrikan religions”… IFA, has been a topic of lengthy debate on various websites. What are the views of members as well as visitors to this website?

    May we always walk in Beauty allowing our light to shine, so that others may see to find their way…ASE’ ASE’ ASE’!

    • yorubasacredsciencecentre

      What an interesting issue. First permit me to give felicitations and adoration to Suprme Being& Intelligence, Mother,Father God, HE, SHE, IT, the all pervading essence of LIFE that pervades the entire Cosmos known to our Ancestors by various nomenclatures ATEN, RA,NUK-PUK-NUK, UNKULUNKULU,ELEDUMARE,NGAI, MAWU, CHUKWU, and various other nomenclatures.I will be brief in this comment and I do hope other visitors to this site share in the discussions.This issue has stimulated me to want to initiate a special section on this site for interactive discussions on all issues like this one.
      I was tutore by an Elder Iya Ijo LOUISA CATHERINE TOUSSAINT,of the OJO family whose teaching philosophy was WHOSOEVER WILL MAY COME.
      I am not a babalawo. However I am an intelligent human being who has the God given right to express my opion on any matter in the Universe. I may not always be well and our sufficiently informed, but MY RIGHT TO BE WRONG IS SACRED. Unlike most modern day scholars of Ifa, I hold the view that the message of Ifa was a LOCAL message. I repeat a LOCAL message. This message though specific to Yoruba people had and has UNIVERSAL appeal and applications. My understanding is that the children of ODUDUWA, who follow the advice of Ifa may have some special priviliges conferred upon them with regards to this message since it was revealed specifically to them. But here is the departure point. In its UNIVERSAL application there is no preference or privilige. The issue is IWA PELE, gentle and NOBLE character. Consequently any human-being demonstrating and living by the guidance of this principle and is willing to abide by the regulations that conduct and guide the initiates and devotees of Ifa have opportunity for what you call inclusion. All human-beings who arrive to ILE-IFE,are greeted with WELCOME HOME.

  6. My comment is simple . It is as if we continue to seek their approval . I am very skeptical on their .
    They will NEVER understand what we went through and continue to go through on a daily basis .

    Sometimes I think that they are gaining an intimate knowledge in order to continue to exert control .
    That is what they do.
    We are too trusting a people .
    The destruction of African Civilization proves this .

    • yorubasacredsciencecentre

      Adupe lopolopo! Thanks for considering this site worthy of your time to visit.Those who do not learn from there past are doomed to repeat the same errors, a worthy quotation from one who cares about us.I to am concerned about the intimacy ofknowledge that we sometimes share. However if we follow our Ancient paradigms we will know that knowledge without responsibility is a dangerous thing. Hence certain types of knowledge and data and information and not divulged to those who have not been approved to received the classified data, knowledge and or information. The world is not only matter and flesh aand blood and our people have exceelent checks in plaace,I do however appreciate the concern.

  7. It is often said by those more knowledgeable, among us that; that which we try so hard to protect-we lose.

    If one is directed to the door that leads to Iwa Pele and Iwa Rere, then stands at the entrance and decides who should proceed…is blocking their own path to Iwa Pele and Iwa Rere .
    The greatest threat to IFA/Afrikan Sacred Science, was the Atlantic slave trade…and now here we are. Afrikan Sacred Science is all over the globe, the teachings of Ifa is rapidly spreading.

    I am an Artist, in 1998 I began exhibiting “my work” in Toronto Kanada. Due to the nature of the work I was neither eager, nor found no pleasure in presenting it to Europeans…who by the way were 70% of my customers.
    It was at the end of my 3rd. Art-show, that Spirit informed me that I have to spend more time with my European customers…shearing with them the Spiritual nature of the work, together with the concept that “Art is where the Healing takes place”…BECAUSE THEY HAVE MORE ACCESS TO US THAN US…!!!

    Let’s keep the conversation going…

    May we always walk in beauty allowing our light to shine, so that others may see to find their way…ASE’ ASE’ ASE’!

    Much Love

    • yorubasacredsciencecentre

      Adupe lopolopo! Thank you exceedinly for allowing the beauty and wisdom of OSUN to flow through you to us.A long time ago when the EARTH was in a state of stagnation OSUN and OGUN engaged each other, and through the persuasive power of Osun, OGUN assited the community of the EARTH to progress. I pray that as we engage each other like this the result would be progressive change and transformation for our entire planet. Many who hear this discourse may call us idealist, but it is the will and power of the SUPREME that allows for this discourse. Always prepare yourself, and yoke your mind to yours.
      We do however have power and authority to use discretional criteria to regulate the going and coming. Even ESU is given such discretionary power among some of us,but the criteria for rejection must never be a flimsy one. Let the custodians of this sacred science apply the necessary screening but allow the criteria for debarring any one be adjudged by moral and ethical standards that are consistent and where applicable and or necessary allow the oracle to augment the human judgement. Oloye Orawale Oranfe

  8. Eniola Orisagbemi Adelekan

    Greetings to all in the name of the One.

    Chief Orawale, my first teacher of Afrikan Sacred Science, homage to you and the Powers who stand behind you. Long have you fought for the liberation of the minds, hearts and bodies of the Afrikan person and may you continue as long as this is needed. As an avatar of the spirit of resistance you have opposed injustice fearlessly both within and without your ranks. May you continue to open doors for your people and may those thus empowered use their power with honour and responsibility. May you continue to be empowered to serve until the Battle is won.

    My thanks to you for inviting me to share in this discourse. It is an honour and a privilege when one’s teacher invites one to comment. I take leave and permission from you, and from all of my elders to share with you what you all, my mothers and fathers, have shared with me.

    Let us begin by first digressing to consider what traditional Afrikan wisdom has to say about the role of Ori (one’s destiny, fate and spiritual double in the celestial realm).

    In Odu Ogunda Meji, Ifa says:

    “Ori pele,
    Atete niran.
    Atete gbe’ni k’oosa.
    Ko soosa ti i da’ni i gbe
    Leyin Ori eni.”

    Awise ni agbaye Ogunwande Abimbola translates the above verse as follows:

    “Ori, I hail you,
    You who do not forget your devotees.
    Who bless devotees more quickly than other gods.
    No god blesses a man
    Without consent of his Ori.”

    Let us also consider what Ifa has to say about how one acquires one’s lot in life.

    In Odu Ogbe Iyonu (Ogbe Ogunda), Ifa speaks about the act of choosing one’s destiny/ head/ori before coming to the earth.

    Our mothers and fathers fathers describe this act of choosing and receiving our destiny in heaven before coming to the earth as ‘Akunleyan’: ‘That-which-is-chosen-whilst-kneeling’ and
    ‘Akunlegba’: “That-which-is-received-whilst-kneeling.”

    Our mothers and fathers go on to say that before each of us comes to the earth, we must first touch ‘Igi Igbagbe’- ‘The Tree of Forgetfulness’, and so we arrive at the earth with little or no conscious recall (except in special cases) of that destiny which we have chosen (or have been alloted) in heaven before being born.

    In the Oriki Orunmila, this divinity is addressed as ‘Elerii Ipin’: ‘The Witness of Fate/Destiny’.

    On this basis, Orunmila, as the divinity who witnessed the choice of ori in heaven is the one who is consulted on the earth to reveal to one the forgotten destiny chosen in heaven.

    Taking all these things into consideration I return to the issue raised by my brother Omidiran:
    “The issue of the inclusion of “none-Afrikans”…Europeans , in “our Traditional Afrikan religions”… IFA”

    In order to stimulate intelligent discussion on this matter, I will ask a series of questions below. In honestly searching our hearts, collective ancestral wisdom and God given ‘native intelligence’ (commonsense) for the answers to these questions, we may find that much is revealed of our own motivations and biases when considering such things, which may prevent us from truly finding a meaningful answer to this question.

    Here are my questions… may Wisdom answer,
    Aboru Aboye.

    1.) What is Ifa?

    2.) What is the meaning/ purpose of Ifa initiation?

    3.) Is Afrika the Mother of all civilization?

    4.) Are there people on the face of the Earth who are not originally descendants of black people?

    5.) Is initiation into Ifa a blessing?

    6.) Can one receive initiation into Ifa without Ifa’s/Ori’s consent?

    7.) The Yoruba speak of ‘Amorotunwa’- ‘re-incarnation’… Is one always re-incarnated in the same family or race?

    8.) If one has been an Afrikan devotee of Ifa in one or more lifetime and re-incarnates as a non-Afrikan, can Ifa recognize his devotee when he comes knocking on the door of initiation?

    9.) What makes one Afrikan?

    10.) How does one distinguish between Afrikans and non-Afrikans (if there is such a thing)?

    11.) What is the role of Ifa in healing the world?

    12.) If a non-Afrikan is initiated into Ifa, are they more or less likely to harm Afrikans after being initiated?

    13.) What are the criteria for being initiated?

    14.) Can one who has chosen to be born as a “non-Afrikan” or “European” also choose in heaven to be initiated into Ifa (or Afrikan Traditional Religion) whilst on the earth?

    15.) Is there anyone, regardless of race, who is initiated into Ifa who is not a devotee of Ifa?

    16. What is a devotee of Ifa?

    • yorubasacredsciencecentre

      Adupe lopolopo to ONE and ALL. I thank Awo Ifagbamila Adelekan Aworeni, for taking the time to let his voice be heard as we broadcast this discussion through Tme and Space. The list of questions posited by Awo Ifagbamila can provide us with quite a lot on intellectual intercourse and discussion which we all hope would result in ENLIGHTENMENT for whom this is intended.As we proceed with this discussion, let us agree that quite a lot of this discourse is taking place in the realm of the unformed, where distinction and definition has not yet taken place. We have been granted and provided the sacred opportunity to be the ALCHEMISTS & POTTERS IN THIS DOMAIN. The clay has already been selected.We are now expected to utilise techniques and transformative methodologies that would prepare the clay to move from selection to the POTTERS WHEEL. Already we have made several assumptions. It is in our power to dis-assume.Sometimes I will make references to topics and authors who have already made some non conventional discourse on some matters and issues, but as the CAULDRON bubbles the proportion in which the herbs and other ingredients would be balanced with each other would be the responsibility of those given this opportunity to concoct this brew.
      One author wrote MAN IS NATURE
      NATURE and MAN are ONE.
      I suppose that this is not a statement of human society.The issue of inclusion either has evidence of exclusion or assumes that there is exclusion.
      My experience in Ile-Ife is that all are welcomed to the SOURCE at Ile-Ife as persons who belong there but were away and have RETURNED TO THE SOURCE.

      LOOK,HEAR, and EXPERIENCE. More tocome.

  9. Eniola Orisagbemi Adelekan

    I realize that my brother Omidiran asked about “inclusion” and not necessarily “initiation” and also that he did not limit the topic to “Ifa” but generalized to include “our Traditional Afrikan religions”.

    Please also generalize any answers to my questions beyond the specific context of “initiation” to any form of “inclusion”
    and also to any other Orisa besides Ifa,
    and, beyond Yoruba Sacred Science to any other form of Afrikan Sacred Science or Traditional Afrikan Religion.


    • yorubasacredsciencecentre

      Without attempting to move quickly I recognise that it is inclusion and not initiation. However, I wouldlike you to pay attention to the New World concept aleyo as representative of non-initites.

  10. Aboru Aboye Abosise.

    My brother Omidiran, that was a thought provoking question! Thanks for moving us forward.

    Ire o

  11. Ore Yeye Oshun OOOOO!

    Iba Oshun Sekese
    Iba Oshun olodi
    Iba Oshun ibu kole
    Latojoku awede me mo.
    Yeye Kari,
    Yeye opo,
    O san rere O.

    Praise to the goddess of mystery
    Praise to the goddess of the river
    Praise to the goddess of seduction
    Spirit that cleans me inside out.
    Mother of the mirror,
    Mother of abundance,
    We sing you praise.


    We often speak favorably of the Odu; Ose’Tura’ for it incarnates the Divine messenger, Eshu- Odara. However I must comment, that the powerful message that this Odu brings is too often passed-over…if not neglected all-together.
    Which is the power of the “woman”…her inclusion, her blessings, her voice…

    I have noticed that there is an absence of my Sister’s voices in the flow of this conversation and ask that they honor us by their input.

    • yorubasacredsciencecentre

      Your petition has been heard in Orun and Aye.
      Not only did a woman respond but by modern day definitions a European. I thank her for her courage to enter and assist if not lead in the transformation.

  12. Greeting to all of you and thank you to invite me in this discussion.
    First of all please show forbearance as english is not my mother tongue and maybe I use some words in an unusual way.
    I am from Austria (Europe) and I am member of a native american tribe since nearly 10 years. I am also apprentice and learning in the tradition of the Twisted Hairs.
    Among the native americans it is sometimes a question: do we want white people as apprentices? Therefore I want to share my experiences with you.
    Most valuable for me is the freedom of every being. And I appreciate so much that freedom is spreading around on earth. More and more people can decide how they want to live, where they want to live and what spiritual path they will follow.
    If we choose a path of power we must be brave to follow the path. We must be a strong vessel to hold the amount of energy that will flow through us. To go on a path of power is only possible with an open, strong heart and a clear mind.

    Maybe at the beginning of the journey people had an other indent, attracted from the power they want to use for whatever reason. But please trust the path of power, no matter which spiritual direction. The Path can take care of him self! No human being can follow through the various initiation ceremonies with a small mind and a closed heart.

    To learn in a spiritual school is always a refinement of character. If one is not willing to change (to transform), the path will spit him out. So there is no need to close a path for some people or to protect a path of power. People who are not ready will leave the path anyway.
    Just trust your path and the powers behind.

    May we walk in beauty, Brigitte SwordDancer

    • yorubasacredsciencecentre

      Greetings! Thank you for the courage in joining us in this interlogue.
      May the gods of our Ancestors permit positive results through this interlogue.
      I know that some participants in this interlogue may only relate with GOD, but as a Trinbagonian, I embrace the tenet here every creed and race find and equal place. Even where it may be said that we are not yet at that position , we are willing, ready and able to engage all of the forces that we may need to engage to make this a reality. Welcome aboard! May your wrestling skills and techniques help us to achieve the desired goal of mutual respect for all. Oloye Orawale Oranfe

  13. Oloye Ogunrinola of Ife

    Greetings to all. Not much time and energy tonight and some work to do as well. Will add my piece some time later. Adupe to Olodumare for the round table or under the almond tree that is takin place among us blessings OO
    Adupe. Ogunbowale

    • yorubasacredsciencecentre

      Alaafia! Ago yaa! Adupe!Thanks for entering. Here is a little water to quench your thirst. Relax and be refreshed and strengthen and rejuvenate yourself for your own forward journey.You are always welcomed. We do look forward to your more engaged participation. Welcome to, to Ile Isokan. You may use this forum to inform your audience, friends,and supporters of events and activities being hosted by Ile Isokan.Interesting tit-bits of information may be also left as comments on this site. May Eledumare,orisa, eegun ati gbogbo beneficient and benevolennt beings add their blessings to this cyberspace encounter.Oloye Orawale Oranfe.

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    • yorubasacredsciencecentre

      E k’abo! Welcome Ismael to this site and for your appreciation of the sites content and your positive comments. Your appreciaation gives us the strength to carry on. Oloye Orawale Oranfe

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