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Orisha devotees worldwide are already in preparation for this year’s World Ifa Festival be held in Ile Ife, Osun State, Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Among the impacts made on the Caribbean and the Americas as a direct consequence of the immoral, unethical and infamous Trans Atlantic Slave Trade was/is the infusion of African rhythms as part of the basic repertoire of current Caribbean musicians. The impact was so effective the infusion of these rhythms now manifest almost as second nature to many Caribbean and American muscians.

Today as I reflect and prepare for World Ifa Festival, I give thanks to the POWER OF OUR ANCESTORS TO MANIFEST AS WORLD AND CARIBBEAN MUSIC.

I give thanks that the sacred poetry of IFA is now considered  World Heritage and Literature worthy to be taught in higher institutions of learning.

May World Ifa Festival meet with great success.



Over the past few days members of EGBE ONISIN ELEDUMARE , were consolidating their efforts to ensure the success of SACRED JOURNEY TO ALKEBU – LAN 2011.
The journey was first organised in keeping with the vision ” Towards the Year 2045 ” the long term Strategic Plan of EGBE OONISIN ELEDUMARE , which envisions Africa as the historical homeland of all the Africans in the Diaspora and the journey aims at providing the participants with first hand direct experience of the African Homeland/ Motherland.
Today a small delegation left our shores with a view to fulfilling this mission and they will visit several important historical points in Yorubaland.
This site will give updates on this significant journey


Salutations to all Ifa/ Orisa devotees worldwide as we welcome OBARA EGUNTAN – OBARA OGUNDA with Ire into our prescence. May we all be worthy of it’s visit with us in this year.The Odu has incarnated in Ile – ife at Oke Itase.It has come with Ire.