EMANCIPATION MESSAGE 2018 by Oloye Ogundare Ife Olakela Massetungi

It is  with  great humility that I greet y National community  this morning

Eledumare – Supreme Love Intelligence and Authority have willed that we live.

We give thanks for thus continued opportunity to impact positively on our community and country.

We thank all of our illustrious and elevated Ancestors for their gracious and continued support as we chart our path forward.

There have been and continue to be many who make selfless support to our great and noble cause of redemption of our minds, bodies, souls and spirit as we emancipate our selves and our communities out of the rot that we have found our selves and our country in.

I would like to thank the entire team at Emancipation Support Committee that have worked thanklessly on many occasions to create and manage the platform for the Emancipation Day Street Procession

I would also love to thank all the persons and organizations who have worked hard; either singularly  or in conjunction with others in the building of platforms for the commemoration and celebration of this most significant moment of our lives as a community and a Nation.

The many community organizations that have either independently  or collaboratively worked in creating the many platforms for the hosting and staging of Emancipation Day events must be thanked and applauded for their efforts over the years.

The photographers and audio visual documentors should also be recognized for their most crucial and important role played in the documentation of the development of yet another healing ritual created by and for the people.

Though there is much more room for improvement of our festival let us cognize what we have collectively created and further nourish and nurture it so it could yield for us it’s bountifulness of  blessings.

As we celebrate this year let us remember those who were with us last year and have now crossed over to the Great Beyond.

Let us also thank the many youths and young children who have participated over the many years and who still continue to participate and show enthusiasm and passion in their participation.

This year I would also like to thank the many entrepreneurs who continue to place their confidence in themselves and their intended market sector.

Thanks must also go to the many Orisa devotees who continue to preserve and advance the traditions of our Ancestors.

Thanks to the many drummers, chanters, dancers, and percussionists who help to sustain the spirit and march rhythm for the procession and accompaniment for the many performing artistes.

To our dignitaries that joined us from abroad and particularly those that joined us from the continent of Alkebu-lan we give our thanks.

To both Sun and Rain we say thanks.

May we all live to celebrate again this time next year.

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