At a moderate gathering of persons, the membership and supporters of Jamaat Al Muslimeen launched a new political entity New National Vision Labour Party.

Wearing green jerseys supporters of the party gathered to hear the voice of the leadership of this new entity and to hear the plans of this new entity.

Their was no clear cut plan presented.

Imam Yasin Abu Bakr expressed his faith in the people of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and suggested that a Manifesto would be developed from the concerns and needs of the people as they move from area to area. According to this formula,citizens of districts and communities where the NNV hold their meetings will be given the opportunity to mount the podium and communicate their concerns for their respective areas.

Imam Yasin Abu Bakr recounted some issues with W.P.C. Bernadette James who had died under questionable circumstances.He also recounted issues of fencing of the compound of Jamaat Al Muslimeen at No. 1 Mucurapo Road and the response of the Jamaat to the fencing.

Imam Abu Bakr also cautioned that judgement time was approching.

In the opinion of this author Imam Abu Bakr became contemptuous of the African Traditional Spiritualities of this country,when in an analogy,he linked prostitution and ‘obeah’ as immoral acts.without treating with ‘obeah’ as a spiritual theology and pathway of some of his ancestors.In a previous radio interview with Marcia Henderson Imam Yasin Abu Bakr said he would consider an apology to this Nation when those who enslaved his Ancestors apologised to us. Is Imam Yasin Abu Bakr aware that some of these Ancestors were practioners of Vaudun and “Obeah’?

As apriest of African sacred science traditions I certainly felt offended by this affront on our traditional spiritualities.Come on Imam if you want to be our “Reedemer” as you announced do have respect for those you desire to reedem.


Let us never forget where we come from.

I think that the coming of an entity such as the NNV Labour Party can introduce new life int the politics of Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.It must however be built on the foundation of mutual respect for the citizens of our Nation.

Thus far on the National Campaign Trail I have not as yet heard how any of the Partie would treat with the Indigenous  persons and First peoples of our land. Neither have I heard any Party address the issue of adjusting the balance,spitiual,economic,social,and theological to give African Spirituality it’s deserved and rightful place in this land.

Imam Abu Bakr alluded that the various political parties and there candidates are asking the population for a job when they present on their platforms to the National community.Is the Iman aware that by entering the current political process as is that he too and the NNV Labour Party are doing the same?

Republic Trinidad and Tobago probably needs more people like Imam Yasin Abu Bakr to address other issues that conventional poloitcians do not address,but this must be pursued in the context of respect for others of different views and persuasions.

It was the righteous indignation of Christians and Muslims that allowed them to treat with contempt those who did not see the world as they did.This intolerance has led to Chattel  Slavery and religious wars.

Next in presentation was a young son of Imam Yasin Abu Bakr whom the Imam presented as evidence that youths who have had troubled up-bringing can rise above those challenges to do well in their society. The junior Abu Bakr is a lawyer and admitted to having challenges speaking after the Imam.His presentation appealed to youth and rationalised the attitude of youth who don’t wish to work for next to nothing to the revolutionary actions of our forebears who refused at times to work on the plantation.The junior Abu Bakr expressed his confidence that the NNV Labour Party could win this year’s National Elections.

Once again the Editors of this site continue to pray for a blood free National Elections Campaign and hope that all views will have equal opportunity to be aired during this and forthcoming National and Local government Elections.

May the choices that citizens make be informed and intelligent choices


  1. Jamille in London

    I feel these people mad. After they attempted to overthrow the government, they’re trying to run it legitimately?

    Who do they think will actually vote for terrorists? Trinidad and Tobago is not the Middle East.

    • yorubasacredsciencecentre

      Greetings!Thanks for your visit to our site.We welcome the time and concern that you have taken as you express your concern for the nation of Trinidad & Tobago.Though the situation appears mad,there is worldwide political and historical precedence across the globe of persons and parties that have challenged governments by revolutionary and non conventional political means that have become the legitimate government of their countries. They are now members of the United Nations.Nations.Citizens in Nations will continue to attempt to resolve their challenges and difficulties by the means that are available to them. As peaceable and law abiding citizens we would wish that all citizens would utilise constitutional rather than extra constitutional means to affect change.Since the electorate are who will decide who they desire to govern them, then, we can expect, that they are intelligent and informed enough to make a proper choice.Oloye Orawale Oranfe

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