Our struggle  is  on  all fronts.

We need  the minds,hope and  energies of  our youth  who  are  faced  with  a more complex paradigm of oppression  than  we  faced  as  we  engaged the  struggle.

We knew almost instinctively  that  the  system  was oppressive  and  deceptive.

Today  the  enemy  force presents  itself  as   a “saviour” and  “friend” to  us,enticing   us  with  false  hope  and promises  of financial  abundance if  we  would  but  adopt  their  evil ways  and  methods. We must  educate  our  own   from our  own  perspectives  and  paradigms of  thought, achievement, love  and  liberation.

We must  create  educational paradigms that  are  attractive and rewarding  to our youth. Our  youth must  understand  that they have to  stand in  co-existence  with  the Elders. Each  generation has  somethings  to teach the other.

May this African History Month  allow us to explore new paradigms of presentation of old knowledge and wisdom  that can  save our planet.