Another year has come by. We give thanks for health,strength and life. Some of us who shared these pages last year with us and no longer on the Earth plane with us for this year’s celebrations. We salute them all. Particularly we wish to salute Agba Delores Onisaru Alexander, Curtis GrandMaster Black, Archbishop Edmund Percival Mejias and Okello Dongo. Following is my face book salutation  to open the month’s activities.

Salutations  to Great Spirit – Mother/ Father/ All that IS/God/gods.
Today marks the beginning of African History Month in Ile Ier ati Ile Aloubera – Republic Trinidad & Tobago. As IO begin this month of activities  I SALUTE ALL FIRST NATIONS PEOPLES OF THE AMERICAS.
I give thanks on behalf of ALL AFRICANS who experienced the horrors of enslavement and who during our enslavement were given shelter and welcomed into the families of our First Nations communities. Oloye Orawle Oranfe


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