It  is  sometimes  difficult  to fathom  the  causes  of  certain  events and occurrences in  history of Nations, peoples and  individuals.

Some  countries though originally  great  were sometimes  reduced  to positions  far away  from  the greatness they once  experienced.

Africa  has  had  such  occurrences.

As  an  ancient  people  we grappled  with  cosmological origins  and  stories of our  being.We  grappled  with crop  science and  animal science and  husbandry.We  grappled with  home  construction  and  city  state  development. Yet after  a period of time  we  went  into decline.

What were the  causes of this  decline?

Can  we re-build  and restore t6hat ancient  glory and  achievement?

All these are  questions  and issues  we persue as we engage  African History Month.

Let us  gather in our  communities  and organizations and plan effectively  for   a future free of  poverty and  juvenile  deaths as we  now  experience.

Let us  reclaim our heritage.

Let us  reclaim our NAMES.