Emancipation Day celebrations/commemorations/events and activities have become an integral part of the cultural landscape of Republic Trinidad & Tobago.

For many years Egbe Onisin Eledumare led in pioneering roles in many Alkebu-lanese centered ritual restructuring and entry and re -entry of rites and rituals here in Trinbago, Caribbean.

Egbe Onisin Eledumare assembled in 1971 in response to both global and local social, spiritual, cultural, political and economic situations in which the Alkebu-lanese person was in most instances at the bottom of the many ladders of societal structures.

Our greatest hope and independence was rooted and carried within our spiritual organizations. So when in 1969 1970 local and global situations stimulated peoples action globally in reference to racism and freedom of colonialized territories world wide and in particular the continent of Alkebu-lan the conditions to promote the formation/re -formation and germination of dormant Egbe Onisin Eledumare allowed the current manifestation of the organization to spawn.

Egbe Onisin Eledumare  became rooted in the Pan Alkebu-lanese social, spiritual and moral environment at its availability and was ably led and directed by Agba Akolejo Olufemi ati Iya Ijo Agbalagba Loisa Catherine Toussaint of Ojo lineage.

Agba Akolejo was born Robert Charles and at the time of my knowing him he was resident at 14 St. Francois Valley Road, Belmont.

As we celebrate and mark Emancipation Day activities the name of theis Elder should be called and libations made in his honour as one of the pioneers of restoration of Alkebu-lanese paradigms of re-engaging our Alkebu-lan sacred science practices.

Agba Akolejo as Robert Charles aka as Robbie Charles was also afootball coach and a clerk on the Port of Spain waterfront

He had belonged to an organization led by John Michael Broomes, who was popularly known in some quarters as Baba Imo, This organization was  the Universal African Improvement Association.

Agba Akolejo had mobilized several Port  employees into the membership of this organization but later broke away from Broomes and joined with several units of Pan African organizations to form the African Advancement Asssociation.

As we celebrate Emancipation Day this year let us remer Baba Imo, Agba Akolejo Olufemi, Agba Olusino Amono(Mighty Composer) and the myriad others who have contributed to our Pan Alkebu-lanese consciousness.

Our ritual at Egbe Onisin Eledumare will assemble at 11.15 p.m



Let us welcome our Ancestors with libation as we commemorate and open the day for the grand procession through the streets of Trinidad & Tobago