Our struggle has challenged us to utilize many media to resist the colonial impact on our lives and to liberate our minds souls, consciousness and all of our being.

In Trinidad & Tobago our performing artistes whether as Carnival Mas men and Mas band producers, kaisomen , poets, speech artistes all utilized their art to bring messages and elevate the social awareness of their publics.

Many of our great kaisonians utilized their position to rebel against unjust laws and situations that they experienced  through their presentations to the populace.

Among  our spoken word artistes Lancelot Kebu Layne, stands out as a peculiar contributor in the enhancing of the consciousness of our people.

Lancelot could have been considered a Black Power Advocate.

He engaged the status quo and utilized his art and gift to raise the social and soul consciousness of his unenlightened family.

He formed a National Freedom Day Council of Trinidad & Tobago and advocated for EMANCIPATION DAY to replace  Colombus Day and be designated a National Holiday in Republic Trinidad & Tobago.

Today we highlight an example of Lancelot Kebu Layne’s use of his spoken word talent in bringing enlightenment to our population.

Enjoy! Appreciate. Celebrate!