More on African History Month

As we progress along the days of the celebration we wish to add a few more names tour memory list
L ancelot worked hard and tirelessly in establishing EMANCIPATION DAY as a National Day of recognition and Public Holiday here in the Republic of  Trinidad & Tobago.
Lancelot went all over Trinidad & Tobago attempting to coordinate groups and create and build a National Emancipation Day agenda. This was a guerrilla effort, since he lacked manpower and financial resources to effectively establish the results of his dreams.The recently opened arena for the Arts should probably have a wing or room named in his honour. REMEMBER HIM.
Another tireless worker who supported LANCELOT in his efforts at establishing EMANCIPATION DAY as aNational Holiday in Republic Trinidad & Tobago. Pat assisted Mau Mau School of Drums and EGBE ONISIN ELEDUMARE inbuilding their public profiles. REMEMBER HIM.

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