To different people Trinidad Carnival represent different things.

To some it is one of the planet’s greatest Pan African festivals.

To others it is a pre-lenten  festival.

To yet others it is a festival of remembrance of our Ancestors of all hues, denominations, gender and race.

To others there is a link with our festival to the planet Saturn.

Whatever our individual signification of this festival it is an avenue of renewal and healing for our Nation.

It comes in the “dry season” where crops are/already harvested among them sorrel and pigeon pea.

Several years ago while some “played mas”, some provided food and drink.

It was customary to make pigeon peas pelau and to dress in brand new clothes especially for Carnival Tuesday.

Leaders of African sacred science and Warao sacred science at Banwari site

Former spokesperson of Warao community Trinidad Rabina Shar ati Oloye Orawale Oranfe 2016

As such Carnival represents and presents to us as a Nation a time to close one mode of Cosmic engagement and open another mode.

On Saturday 2nd March, 2019, in the midst of Carnival, where Ogun’s gift to our Nation the steel band was preparing itself to manifest and have a leading steel band champion declared Queen of the Warao community Donna Bermudez was on her journey to create a new history in our Republic islands polity – Ile Durani ati Ile Aloubera – Republic Trinidad & Tobago; Queen Donna was on her way to embrace as her husband Curtis Bovell of the Nepuyo peoples.

In 2016 Egbe Onisin Eledumare  joined members of the Warao community as Alkebulan descendants met with Warao descendants at Banwari site.

Here the two communities launched a peculiar spiritual paradigm that is beginning to show visible manifestation.

Opening the Cosmic gates of recycling and renewal of First Nations sovereignty

This was the preliminary celebrations to Ase Odun Olokun 2016.

Egbe Onisin Eledumare continued its interaction with Kalinago and Warao communities. The requests we have made of the Cosmos is manifesting.

Officers in the both communities have changed but the situations desired and requested are being delivered.

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela though seemingly in distress is providing a great opportunity for return of sovereignty to First Nations peoples of the Americas and of the African continent.

The messages and promises made between earlier representations of our peoples has an opportune moment to become visibly manifest without hindrance on the part of mundane warmongers.

1st. Annual Ancestral walk of Warao community Ile Durani

1st Annual Ancestral Walk of Warao community

Egbe Onisin Eledumare and the Warao Community again took to the public domains declaring their abilities to release the pains of the past and to forge a peaceful present and future through embracing of the individualities of our communities and engaging in respect for each other.

Prior to this sojourn into our ancestral pasts Egbe Onisin Eledumare worked closely also with the Kalinago peoples represented by the Santa Rosa Carib Community(then). There has now been a change in nomenclature of this entity.

Egbe Onisin Eledumare while simultaneously working with the African community to establish the now developed street procession of Emancipation Day along with Mau Mau School of Drums was also joining with the Kalinago community at several events.

National Unity Day celebrations at Emancipation Heritage site consecrated by Ooni Ife Alayeluwa Oba Sijuade Okunade Olubuse II

These early investments not often gaining the attention of those seeking to propagate the inherited colonial mentalities have not even been highlighted by our local media, even when they were formally informed of our efforts.

Our activities also included the participation by nationals of Venezuela where a significantly large number of Warao people reside.

Warao Queen Donna Bermudez ati Nepuyo Curtis Bovell at Nab Arima where matrimonial vows were taken

On Saturday evening as the evening sun began its dip on the 25th. day of its illumination cycle  to allow the birth of the next visible new moon on the 6th. March, 2019 Queen Donna and Curtis engaged in a new era of acceptance of the ways of their Ancestors their marriage vows.

It was a courageous moment.

As a member of a community that lost our names and many of our cultural practices I felt great joy in seeing them both step into the world and way of their Ancestors without fear or need for acceptance by any other group in our society. They do not now speak the language of their Ancestors and have had taken away many of their ancestral rites. However I am confident that that will soon change.

There was a small gathering on this most significant and historic moment. A moment I CHEER WITH GREAT ENTHUSIASM.

Shaman of Warao community Raould Simon performs the rite of nuptial joining of Man and Woman in the sanctification of a new family unit.

Eric Lewis, Chief Morning Star Paul Navarro, Queen Donna Bermudez and husband Curtis Bovell of Nepuyo peoples.

Egbe Onisin Eledumare and its administrators and members give of our love and support to this courageous move. Where there was NO WAY YOU SHALL CREATE A WAY.