Ase Odun Sango Trinidad & Tobago 2015, has completed its mundane sojourn, and so the Elders are now settling manifested energies in appropriate accounts to be utilized for the good of our community, nation and planet.From river ritual at River Pilote Guayaguayare  to Fire raising ritual in Moruga, all went well. Challenges were met with fearlessness, and exchanges to advance the current position were accepted. Now we are preparing to open another lunar cycle with the recently acquired ase Sango from the Festival.Join us as we welcome and celebrate another new moon.

Date: SUNDAY 14TH. JUNE 2015

Time:2.00 p.m.

Place:International Headquarters Egbe Onisin Eledumare

Address: 12 First Street Sparrow Drive Simeon Road, Petit Valley.

All are invited.

Dress elegantly cultural.

Offerings of various votive items accepted and may include oti, irosun, thunder stones, cotton cloth, lace, brocade, ase Sango, orogbo, wines, gin, etc.

One response to “IJUBA THIS SUNDAY

  1. I love this religion. I am looking for a home to learn more of my spirituality.

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