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Egbe Onisin Eledumare follows several cycles simultaneously as we attempt to keep in Cosmic Alignment, through multiple actions in multiple spheres of our lives.

One such action on our part is the salutation of the New Moon, as we engage our journeys from where we are to where we are intended to be and destined to be.

The Ijuba gives us an opportunity to collectively engage our aspirations in an atmosphere conducive to amplifying our prayers, petitions and praises of the divine and supernatural.

Our next Ijuba is this Sunday.

Date : Sunday 22nd.February, 2015

Time: 2.00 p.m.

Venue :  International Headquarters E.O.E.

12 First Street, Sparrow Drive, Simeon Road,

Petit Valley.

All are welcome.

Protocols of entry are required.

Participants are expected to dress and attire themselves in manners that are appropriate to the sacredness of the event.

All participants are encouraged to bring votive items for ritual and offering.

Items include : gin, obi abata, obi gbanga, atare, efun, iyerosun, efun, fruits, alcoholic drinks and beverages, grains, fruits, ground provision, etc.


Trinidad & Tobago Carnival is more than just Calypso and Steel band.

There have been many arguments as to the origin of Trinidad & Tobago Carnival. Scholars like Isidore Ian Smart, Kimani Nehusi, Rawle Gibbons, Frances Henry , Gordon Rohler, Hollis Liverpool  and others have all addressed different positions on this origins issue. Even today’s featured artiste The Roaring Lion  – Rafael de Leon presented his perspective as to the origin of Trinidad & Tobago Carnival.

Whatever the origins of Trinidad & Tobago Carnival it is visibly evident that Africans then and now have impacted most dynamically on the phenomena called Trinidad & Tobago Carnival.

2015 Carnival is going to be a phenomenal Carnival. There were threats of Ebola, that  was seeking to postpone the Carnival. Chicken V has not yet left outr environment, National Elections, all will impact on the output for this year’s Carnival.

The musical genres associated with Carnival are no longer restricted to calypso but involves a number of other genres.

This though is not new, for even some of our  original traditional characters utilised peculiar genres of musical rendition associated with their characters and portrayals.

So as we draw closer to Carnival 2015, let us HONOUR OUR ANCESTORS. Let us embrace the opportunity to RE- SANCTIFY THE CARNIVAL. Let us accept the African influence on this Carnival. LET US KEEP IT SACRED.

Visitors to this site who wish to use contents from this article are advised to give credit to the author Oloye Orawale Oranfe – Olakela Massetungi and to provide reference to this site.


Agba Khafra Kambon at launch of International Decade for People of African Descent held in Ile Iere Caribbean.Caribbean Africans gathered today in the city of Port of Spain to support thr launch of International Decade for people of African  Descent 2015 – 2024 by  The Emancipation Support Committe of Trinidad & Tobago. 

The event was held in the city of Port of Spain , where a reasonable gathering of African centered citizens supported by other persons loving justice and equality for all gave their blessings to this launch that had representatives of the  People’s Partnership government, The Office of the Leader of the Opposition, Nation of Islam, United Nations, Council of Traditional Afrikan Chiefs of Trinidad & Tobago, members of the Diplomatic Corps, The National Council of Orisa Elders of Trinidad & Tobago, Caribbean Pan African Network, All Mansions of Ras Tafari and other organizations cultural, spiritual and civic based.

The feature address was given by David Commissiong prominent Caribbean Pan Africanist of the Clement Payne Movement of Barbados, who delivered a very clear and concise outline of what the U,N, Declaration entails and the resposibilties of governments of the Caribbean, civil societ organizations and independent persons working to ensure that this decade allows us further victory in the process that would lead to total and unconditional liberation.

Those persons interested to contribute their energies to ensure the success of activities for International Decade for People of African Descent may contactEmancipation Support Committee of Trinidad & Tobago at Bergerac Terrace Maraval.

Photo credit : Roxanne Muhammad.


Once again the African community in the Republic Trinidad & Tobago come together to reflect upon our historical past, that includes the glory of building of the Great Pyramids, giving the world mathematics and science, the steel pan and steel orchestra, but also the indignities of the Trans ATLANTIC SLAVE TRADE, GENOCIDE and issues of REPARTRIATION AND REPARATIONS.
Every year at this time EGBE ONISIN ELEDUMARE becomes involved in the Diego Martin Emancipation Day activities currently manifesting as a Street Procession led by Block 4 Drummers, Musical recognition by Castro and an Ancestral rememberance ritual conducted at the Diego Martin Water Wheel Heritage Site, River Estate, Diego Martin.
As we engage this memorial and celebratory period and as we continue to strategise and implement these strategies to move us to total and unconditional liberation of ourselves as a distinct people on this planet we
call on all Africans to refrain from the consumption of shark and shark products for the period 26th. July, 2014 – 1st. August, 2014, as a mark of respect to those of our Ancestors who either committed revolutionary suicide by throwing themselves overboard and were eaten by sharks ,or those who were thrown overboard either alive or dead and were eaten by sharks.
We honour you who suffered this indignity and we pray for your continued elevation as you guide us to our victory.
EGBE ONISIN ELEDUMARE will also host it’s customary midnight ritual of rememberance on 31st July, 2014 at it’s International Headquarters, 12 First Street, Sparrow Drive, Simeon Road, Petit Valley, Republic Trinidad & Tobago beginning at 11.00 p.m.
We invite all members of our African community to offer farine and water as part of this ritual.



Orisha devotees worldwide are already in preparation for this year’s World Ifa Festival be held in Ile Ife, Osun State, Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Among the impacts made on the Caribbean and the Americas as a direct consequence of the immoral, unethical and infamous Trans Atlantic Slave Trade was/is the infusion of African rhythms as part of the basic repertoire of current Caribbean musicians. The impact was so effective the infusion of these rhythms now manifest almost as second nature to many Caribbean and American muscians.

Today as I reflect and prepare for World Ifa Festival, I give thanks to the POWER OF OUR ANCESTORS TO MANIFEST AS WORLD AND CARIBBEAN MUSIC.

I give thanks that the sacred poetry of IFA is now considered  World Heritage and Literature worthy to be taught in higher institutions of learning.

May World Ifa Festival meet with great success.


Trinidad & Tobago and the Caribbean has been long rooted in the international arena of music. The Caribbean have produced drummers, flautist, vocalist, guitar players,saxophonist of superb excellence

When most Trinbagonians refer to Trinidad & Tobago and music, they generally reference kaiso and steel band.

Yes we have made marvellous and tremendous contributions to these genere of music, but we have also produced outstanding musicians in soo many generes.

Today we still continue to create new genres of music.

Wherever Africans were brought to  or wherever in the ‘ New World ” we arrived of our own will or otherwise, we transformed the musical arena.

One of the most dynamic genres of music that we spawned while here in the “New World ” is JAZZ, which is generally credited as being ” birthed ” in the African American communities.

Jazz can now be heard in communities all over the world and here in Republic Trinidad & Tobago, The Jazz Allaiance of Trinidad & Tobago is doing all in it’s power to present, preserve, nurture, nourish jazz music in our Republic and allow for it’s enjoyment by all.


Keep in touch for further details and updates